The Miner’s Lady~ review


The Miner’s Lady-Tracie Peterson

The Italian families of Panetta and Calarco brought their fifty-year feud with them to the New World from Italy. But when Chantel Panetta learns that her sister Isabella has fallen in love with Orlando Calarco, she knows it will never work. The feud is too serious a matter  to be brushed aside so easily. Isabella is determined that she and Orlando are going to marry, and maybe their marriage will end the fighting. Chantel is more practical in her thinking but is willing to help Isabella. However, Orlando’s brother, Dante, is determined to keep the lovers apart. In the process, he and Chantel start out as enemies, growing closer as the story progresses. Will the families be able to heal the breach? Or will stubbornness and hatred prevail?

 I think The Miner’s Lady is the first book I’ve read by Tracie Peterson. I really, really enjoyed it. The feud between the families was very Romeo and Juliet style, but with a bit of a twist. The story moved easily, with no awkwardness or strange dialogue. The author added in some Italian words which added to the story without making it seem silly. I liked Chantel better than Isabella, who seemed kind of silly to me.

In books that have families fighting for years and years, sometimes I just want to grab them and shake them! Seriously? You’ve been fighting for 50 years and haven’t resolved it yet? Grow up, people! But I suppose if they didn’t fight, there would be no story. It has been a few weeks since I’ve read The Miner’s Lady, but the story was so good it stuck with me. I highly recommend it.


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