Anne of Green Gables~ movie review


{Warning, there will be spoilers!}

I recently re-watched the 1985 TV series Anne of Green Gables. It’s been a while since I have watched it. I felt like I rediscovered an old friend. Anne Shirley has captured the hearts of so many people. The show captures the classic story perfectly. I know that I have watched several book-to-movie adaptations that missed the mark by a huge margin. Anne of Green Gables did have some minor variations from the story, but nothing too terrible.

The cast was perfect. Megan Follows was amazing as Anne Shirley. She brought so much to the part. I don’t think anyone else could’ve played Anne any better. She was able to have Anne’s whimsy and imagination and still be believable. Colleen Dewhurst was appropriately stern and serious as Marilla Cuthbert. Her dry sense of humor as a foil to Patricia Hamilton as Rachel Lynde was just great. And Rachel! She was one of the best played characters in the whole show! So nosy and full of her own importance. Schuyler Grant as Diana was good. And Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert. Oh, Gilbert is my favorite of the whole cast of L. M. Montgomery’s characters. Okay, I like Anne, too. But Gil is the best. 😉 I don’t know who played Matthew Cuthbert, but he did an amazing job. So shy and sweet.

The setting is stunning. I love all the landscape scenes. If I could, I would own a farmhouse like Green Gables. It looks like such a cozy and wonderful place to live. The scenes looking out at the land of Green Gables are beautiful. If I could live in an old farmhouse, I would move to Prince Edward Island right now! I’m a sucker for a good period costume, so the costumes in the show blew me away.

Best part of the whole movie? All the knits in the movie! And Marilla knits! I’m not sure what it was she was knitting, though… I ADORE the sweaters that they all wear and kept commenting on them! After I watched it, I went onto Ravelry and started searching for a sweater like Marilla’s. I didn’t find anything exactly like it, but I did find a couple like Anne’s, this one and this one. I’m a crazy knitter who loves period movies. I will go to great lengths to make something that I like from a movie. Sigh. Yet another reason to love Anne of Green Gables!

Of the three Anne movies, I think that the first one sticks to the plot of the book the most. I laugh when Anne cracks her slate over Gilbert’s head. I cry when Matthew dies. I jump when Anne and Diana are going through the Haunted Wood. And oh, how I laugh when Anne plays the Lily Maid and has to be rescued by Gilbert! Anne of Green Gables is like watching the book play out on-screen. And I love it.

Have you watched Anne of Green Gables? Tell me in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Anne of Green Gables~ movie review

  1. Anne of Green Gables is one of my most favorite books ever and the movie was excellent. Megan Follows is the best Anne ever! And Jonathan Crombie is so handsome. I watch it so much I forget that they are older in real life. So glad someone enjoys Anne as well.



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