RKLW {2}


Reading: The Wild Queen by Carolyn Meyer. It’s about Mary, queen of Scots, one of my favorite historical characters! I’ve read a few books by her before and so far it’s pretty good. I have a biography of Mary and it’s nice to see a slightly different perspective.

Knitting: a pair of worsted weight socks in a pretty green wool. I’m using this pattern for them. I worked ten rounds of 2×2 ribbing and a five inch cuff. I’m really hoping I don’t run out of yarn before I finish them, since I don’t have more! I really like the color. I got the yarn from the thrift store, so I’m not sure what brand it is, since there was no ball band.

And I’ve learned to use a drop spindle! I cleared out the entire spinning/dyeing section of my library and I’ve been working my way through the books. I recently bought a gently used Louet spinning wheel and it came with a huge trash bag full of fiber, a pair of hand carders, and two drop spindles, one a top whorl, one a bottom whorl. The wheel has been giving me fits, so I decided to take a break from that and try the spindles. I’m really enjoying learning something new! 🙂

Listening: {Songs that played while writing this post} Because of You-Kelly Clarkson, Fight Song-Rachel Platten (if you have never heard this song, go listen to it. I hear it all the time at work, but oh, it never gets old. It is just so good!), Aki Love-Juliet (it’s in Japanese or Korean, I’m not sure. I think it’s Japanese.),

Watching: nothing right now.

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4 thoughts on “RKLW {2}

  1. I’m adding your book to my pre-scotland reading list!!! 🙂 BTW…your airport experience was FAR worse than my car-knitting. I only had about 1/2 hour in the car knit-less. I couldn’t imagine a whole plane trip with nothing to do. (Phew for the spare knitting.) And that’s an awesome list on your last post!!!


    • That’s great! The bio I mentioned is called My Heart is My Own by John Guy. It’s a really good one even though it’s taken me three tries to even get halfway through it. That’s my own distractible fault of course. The plane trip wasn’t that bad, I slept the whole way. Yes, thank goodness for spare knitting! And thank you! 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!


    • I love spinning, when my wheel isn’t acting like it’s possessed. 😛 I really did! I got a great deal on my wheel and everything that came with it. I’ll have to do a post about it soon.
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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