Happy St. Valentine’s Day!


No dates for me. Just some me time with my favorite candy and the sweetest anime ever.

Have a lovely day!


quick and easy

Can I just say how much I love bulky yarn and big needles? Because that lovely combo means I can knit up a baby hat in an afternoon! And it’s the sweetest thing ever.


I know a few lovely ladies who will be having babies in the next few months, so baby knits are hopping on my needles. This little hat is for another knitter. I hope she likes it!



{A post about what I’m reading, knitting, listening to, and watching right now.}

Reading: I’m rereading the Fruits Basket manga that I own (volumes 3-8, thank you used bookstore~!) in preparation for rewatching the anime over Valentine’s Day. This is one of my favorite mangas/animes and it makes me really happy. Plus, it’s hilarious.

Knitting: Finally getting around to knitting my other red, white, and blue socks! Does anyone remember this post? Probably not, that was almost a year ago! These socks got knocked way down on the priority list, were ripped out twice, and have been waiting patiently to be knit up. Well, I’m doing it. I’m getting the silly things knit so I have another pair of socks in rotation. I’m also casting on a pair of boot socks. The green ones I knit have been felted on the bottom due to how much I wear them. Plus, it’s the dead of winter. It’s cold. I need more socks.

Listening: Guys Don’t Like Me-It Boys, New Horizon-EXILE.

Watching: Nothing right now, but I am waiting for tomorrow’s episode of Downton Abbey!

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