new tunic

An afternoon of frustration and thinking I ruined this lovely fabric turned into a new tunic dress for mòi! I’ve had this fabric for about a year and really wanted to make a tunic out of it. I’ve also been feeling really frustrated with my knitting, so an afternoon of sewing and actually finishing something was much needed.

I never did make my cup of tea though….


yarn along


Reading: The Other Boylen Girl and The Boylen Inheritance, both by Philippa Gregory. I’ve been on a bit of a Tudor kick lately, with these books and a movie about Henry VIII. It’s such a fascinating time period to read about.

Knitting: Still working on my Mara shawl! It’s gotten huge in just a week. I’m almost done with the second skein which will finish up the body of the shawl. Then I just have the ribbed border then it’s done! I’m super excited to finish it.