jammie sewing


No, sillies, I didn’t sew jammies today. I sewed in my jammies. 🙂 (Though I do need to make some new jammie pants, my old ones are getting a little ragged.)

I have been meaning to sew down my fabric stash since it’s gotten a smidge out of hand. So I went on a stash dive and came out with some pieces that I kid you not have probably been in my stash for about five years. The pumpkin fabric and the herb names, if you were wondering.

I spent the afternoon with the hum of Miss Singer, pretty fabrics, cloudy rainy skies, a rather splendid cough I managed to pick up over the week (grrr…), a mug of Earl Gray, and the sounds of Skillet, Mumford and Sons, folk violin and mandolin, and other lovelies. Don’t you just love the smell of Earl Gray? The bergamot is so autumnish, it makes me so happy. Cold tea when you let yourself get waaay into the sewing zone isn’t quite as nice. (PS, what do you think of my knitting mug? I got it at the thrift store and it’s huge!)

For the bags, I used this pattern. Honestly, it was so clear and so easy to follow I loved it. These are probably the nicest bags I’ve ever made. I love the pattern so much I ended up making, er, 14 bags total in two days? You can never have too many drawstring bags. I do need to get strings for said bags. I really like the gussets on the bottom. That will help with the sturdiness a lot, I think. I did run into some problems, snapping one needle and bending another. But I pottered on and now I have several bags to show for it! 🙂

I love sewing. It was the first craft I really ever got into. I can honestly say, though, that I was a bit better when I was younger, making a Disappearing Nine patch twin size quilt all by myself with just a smidgen of help from my mum. I love my quilt. 🙂

I have four or five more planned at least. I love getting my sewing mojo back. It’s a lovely feeling.