improv sewing ~review


Improv Sewing: A Freeform Approach to Creative Techniques by Nicole Blum and Deborah Immergut

I’m a sew-er (stitcher? sewist? not a seamstress!). I don’t really like following patterns all that often, unless I do. I’m also thrifty (read: cheap) and don’t have access to a good fabric store nearby. That’s probably why my knitting gets more of my attention. However, I recently got my first sewing machine, a Singer that I named Miss Singer, which has rekindled my love of sewing.

This book makes me want to sew all the things. Seriously! Improv? Fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants sewing? Yes! That is how I sew. Of course, I don’t love every single pattern, but I would love to make many of them. I don’t know how many times I’ve checked it out from the library…. I like flipping through the book simply for inspiration. Oooo… I like the way they did that, but what if I did it this way? How about adding some buttons? Or rick-rack? Or just doodling all over the fabric? Yeah, I like that!

I’ve made a few different projects from the book, like the super jersey bags my own way and a few bracelets. Most of the projects are made out of jersey, which I have had baaaaaddddd experiences with. *ahem, sewing machine chomping the jersey and NOT LETTING GO!* Yeah, stuff like that. I would like to make myself a jersey tunic using this book. I keep checking it out to do so, but then three weeks go by. The book is due and where is the tunic you were planning on making, hmm? If only I was so diligent with my sewing as I am with my knitting.

I really recommend this book, maybe not to just-starting-out stitchers, but to those with a smidge more practice. It’s a great book. 🙂