some favorite music

I’m sure I’ve said before, but my love affair with music is mutual and never ending. My music taste is also all over the board, with an interesting mixture of alternative, anime openings, endings, and soundtracks, folk, country, a smattering of pop, some rock, and classical music.

I have some music I gravitate toward that relaxes me immediately and puts me in a happy place. The Invitation by Klaus Kuhen tops that list as ‘my favorite cd of all time and I can never ever get tired of hearing it’. Anything by the Paper Kites is gloriously pretty but the prize goes to Bloom as the best of their songs. Seriously, just hearing the opening bars to the song immediately relaxes my body and makes me sigh with happiness. I don’t know what it is about the song. The banjo? The soft quality of the music? The vocals? The lyrics? All of the above? I don’t know. All I do know is that I love the song to the moon and back.

When it comes to country music, after digging hard to find the real gems, songs like Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band, Mary’s Song, Love Story, Enchanted, Haunted (acoustic), Eyes Open, Safe and Sound, and White Horse by Taylor Swift, If I Die Young, Independence, and Walk Me Down the Middle by The Band Perry, a bit of Rascal Flatts, and almost anything by Keith Urban (Put You In a Song is my favorite) are what I like to listen to the most.

I cannot mention music without mentioning Owl City and his various other musicalness under the names Sky Sailing (which is like a softer, acoustic Owl City), Port Blue, and Windsor Airlift. I adore Owl City and Sky Sailing. His lyrics are so quirky and off the wall it’s glorious.

And now we come to my newest musical favorite: anime openings and endings. I have an extensive list of which ones are my favorites. I’m obsessed in love. There are some covers of the original Japanese I love as well. Anything by Amanda Lee, (she has an amazing voice), Papermoon, Reluctant Heroes, Glassy Sky, and Wings of Freedom being my favorites. Natewantstobattle also has great covers. Resonance, Black Paper Moon, Again, and Snow Fairy are the best in my opinion. The English cover of Hikaru Nara is amazing as well.

Non-covers (aka the original Japanese songs from the actual shows), well, there’s a long list. I like a lot of different ones! It’s hard to choose. But if I have to, Sakura Kiss, Flyers, Snow Fairy, Splash Free, Hanayamata, Guren no Yumiya, Hikaru Nara, Hare Hare Yukai, I Can Hear, Be As One, and Resonance are my favorites. I know they’re in a different language and I really have no clue what they’re saying, but can you blame me? The songs are so stinking catchy! I’ve really fallen in love with anime music. It’s just so different than American music, language barrier aside. It’s catchy, upbeat, but can still have some softer, sweeter moments. I love. So much. ­čÖé

So yeah. Music. I love it all.

All the links! So many! Much craziness!

my opinion of pop music

Don’t get me wrong, I love music. Our relationship has been going on for years now with no end in sight. I’m open to listening to almost any genre within reason of course. I’m not fond of rap music as a general rule.

Some country music I like, but you have to dig through the muck of booze, trucks, and scantily clad girls to find the real gems. I like foreign music, some K-pop or Vocaloids and a few Swedish songs by Caramel. Theme songs are always good, as are movie soundtracks. Alternative is where I find most of my music. (I’ll have to do a post about my favorite artists sometime.)

It’s pop music that gets me.

Where I work, the radio station that plays is the pop station in our area. I don’t mind some pop music. There are several songs I quite enjoy (Fight Song-Rachel Platten, See You Again-Wiz Khalifa, Coming Home-Skylar Gray for example). I do take exception to songs that degrade women, have cursing in them, or are just foul in general.

I wouldn’t have such a problem if the radio station would learn about this marvelous theory called “Variety”. Ever hear of it? Yeah, because playing the same songs over and over with no change gets really old, really fast. At the end of the work day, I’m more than ready to yank my hair out by the roots if I have to hear ‘Uma Thurman’ by Fall Out Boy one. more. time. *insert screaming*

So please, play something new. Or better yet, change the radio station, novel idea that may be.

For the sake of my sanity and peace of mind.

Thank you.