what I wore Sunday {vol. 1}

I saw these posts a few years ago on Stephanie’s blog Captive the Heart (and can I just say how happy I am that she’s blogging again? I fangirl squealed when I got a post from her blog!) and thought, huh, that’d be fun to do. I’m not much of a clothes person. My normal attire is loose, comfortable, and something I can sit crisscross in. So pretty much leggings, tunics, skirts, and tshirts. Sundays, however, are my special dress-up days. I love dressing up for Mass on Sundays. It really helps set Sunday apart for me as a special day.


I also have a rather quirky sense of style. As seen with my lace dress, big orange sweater, and boots, plus my hand knit cowl. My dress is a recent acquisition, bought on sale at a local store. It’s got a bit of a mullet skirt, you know, business in the front, party in the back? (No? Anyone?) I recently pulled the cowl and sweater out of summer storage and they are making me sneeze. I think it’s all the pollen from the spring that managed to stay on my clothes. Talk about annoying. It’s definitely fall here, with the cooling of the weather requiring a sweater or light jacket when you go out. I don’t mind it. I rather like fall, it’s my favorite season along with spring, though I’m partial to summer. Winter and I…well, let’s just say the only things I like about the season are Christmas, peppermint flavored everything, and that you’re practically required to wear woolies.

Linking up with the ladies of Fine Linen and Purple! (Or I would if the website would come up… just google them I suppose. I’ll try again later.)

what I wore…

Black lace dress from a local store

Orange sweater I nicked off my brother a few years ago (okay, he gave it to me.)

Black leggings, a staple in my wardrobe

Black mid calf boots from Target

My Smaug Cowl, this pattern